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Alien City (Jump Right In!)

Designer/Publisher: Mike Schoessow
Rules: (Local)
Date Added: 2005 Oct 22
Boardgame Geek Entry: 20623
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SDG Rank: 7 (37 points, 35 votes)
Keywords (edit): 2 Players Only, Icehouse, Piecepack, Unique Board
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717 15 moves 32d:5h:34m:29s 48.32% 73.96 714 games

Alien City is a fascinating Piecepack/Icehouse game that is set in the far future and concerns the building of a city on a newly colonized world. Cities in this future contain two types of structures, towers and domes. Towers are owned by the various guilds. Domes are smaller structures used to house the citizens. As with the towers, domes are always associated with a particular guild.

The game-play consists of the players alternating turns, placing a tower or dome each turn until either all available towers and domes have been placed or until there are no legal construction sites remaining within the city. Then scores are determined based upon the relative positions of the towers and domes.

Username Rating Comments
Aaron 2 This is a fascinating game! The way the board develops and eventually solidifies is intriguing.
benedict 2
dlwillson 2
fnord 2
goulo 2 A pyramid game that feels like a fiddly weird eurogame, in a good way. Some very tough choices. The opening feels totally opaque and arbitrary, but then it gets very calculational and tactical.
istari 2
jeep 2 A little mathy, but fun.
js3b 2
lambda 2
mzmzmz 2
NateStraight 2 Best game ever.
Personman 2 Complicated. Awesome.
rwhe 2
stoneaxe 2 This is the most complex strategy game I have played; in a good way! It requires intense concentration and mental exploration of deep possibilities of each move. Uses the same part of the brain that Homeworlds does, but it requires something else too... maybe "Go" skills?

Uglyfoot 2
bigby 1 If you can make it through the rules, and the slow board development, the payoff is quite good. The scoring totals always surprise me though. I don't think I could play this in real life.
captncavern 1
CDRodeffer 1 Brain bending negative space placement game with resource management elements. I like it!
Cerulean 1 The rules take a while to digest, but it's worth it. This is Carcassonne + Gold Digger with a random setup. This would be more fun with a random element during gameplay.
dralius 1
Jesse 1 The rules are horribly complex and full of special cases, and there is a serious potential for this to degenerate into a parity game. Despite all that, in practice I find this game extremely playable. It's a brain-burning game of perception and planning contingencies.
Laurie_Menke 1 Though it requires more concentration than I usually enjoy, I find that the fun of the scheming and the surprising turns of fate make it worth it.
Lexicon 1
maka 1 More depth to this one than one might think at first...
Mandrel 1
szczyp 1
Zugzwang 1
aanno 0
cdiffell -1 I get the impression that the first third of the game is essentially meaningless, because strategies don't really become apparent until there is a decent amount of coverage on the board. I feel like the game's length detracts from its fun. It's also usually painfully obvious long before the game actually ends who is going to win. In fact, a single move mid-way though the game can effectively end it. Not my cup of tea.
Draw5PlayAll -1 -------------------
Scoring is confusing... but once you understand it fully, great game.

EDIT: HOW does player one win without an egregious blunder from player two?!

Suggested rule changes:
1. Two domes of each color start on the board on the opposite tile to the suit symbols on the 4 and 5 tiles.
2. The player who goes first gets an extra green tower OR the player who goes second gets 2 of each tower.
Hedge_o_Matic -1 Lots of waiting for something important to happen early on, and checking and re-checking of rules later on. Not a fun combo, in my book.
Joe_Hill -1
kaelistus -1 I'm not a huge fan of games where placement of your scoring pieces is basically a game of chicken.
jonah -2

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