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Amazons (Jump Right In!)

Designer/Publisher: Walter Zamkauskas
Date Added: 2006 Nov 17
Boardgame Geek Entry: 2125
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SDG Rank: 4 (55 points, 40 votes)
Keywords (edit): 2 Players Only, Unique Board
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909 16 moves 40d:18h:41m:33s 51.83% 903 games

The game is played on a square grid. Each player starts with four queens (as in chess queens) placed in predetermined locations on their side of the board. On a players turn, they move a queen and then fire an arrow from that queen (the arrow piece moves like a queen also). The space that the arrow lands on creates a permanent block on the board. Arrows can not be shot through queens or arrows. The first player who can not make a legal move (move a queen and then shoot) loses the game.

Username Rating Comments
aanno 2
abdekker 2 Fantastic modern abstract. Tip for beginners: Towards the end of the game you can work out if you are going to win by using the formula (100-move number-squares unplayable)/2. Try to get onto the right side of this equation.
anirtak 2
cdiffell 2 My favorite abstract. I love how the field of battle shrinks & fragments throughout play, and the opportunity for really unexpected and clever plays.
Clark94 2 Two enter , ones leaves. With no ties players compete in a cutthroat competition. Both players start with 100's of possible moves. The first to hit zero loses.Combine this with a board that changes on every move, amazons is a pure classic.
conillet 2 One of the best abstracts ever; needs to be played with pie rule imho.
DrHelle 2 The Queen of boardgames, no question.
Elysium 2 It's like a dancing Go!
goulo 2 The apparent original inspiration for Hey! That's my Fish!
Helix 2
hseld 2
jejozsef 2
Lama 2
lucacerrato 2
MagicJohn 2
mathochist 2
megamau 2
ratpfink 2
XMJA 2 Wonderful game.
Zotmeister 2 The modern classic - tactics and strategy mesh on a board that's steadily falling apart.
Zugzwang 2 delicious decisions to be made regarding mobility vs. territory
Aaron 1
aarondesk 1
bigby 1 I really had a good time playing this game in the tournament. But I don't know that I understand the strategy yet.
Cerulean 1 Better than Tanbo.
Elektrodo 1
Joe_Hill 1
jonah 1
Mandrel 1
molnar 1 Doesn't have fish in it, but I'll still play it. I think it should be played with the pie rule.
mzmzmz 1
rwhe 1
spearjr 1 Excellent area control game. Limited player movement makes for exciting tactical choices.
unic 1 Interesting territory game. Can get very tactical.
wyons 1 I enjoy amazons though sublime tactics always seem out of reach to proper analysis
CDRodeffer 0 Territorial game of tempo and position. My main complaint with the game is that the tipping point can be fairly early, with both players able to perfectly map out play to the end, even if the end is some 30 moves away.
Laurie_Menke 0
Layana 0
OnePageWars 0
nycavri -1 Interesting premise. Need to play another game or two to figure strategy, but seems a little too claustrophobic.

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