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Cage (Issue a New Challenge)

Designer/Publisher: Mark Steere
Date Added: 2010 Sep 10
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SDG Rank: 80 (2 points, 2 votes)
Keywords (edit): 2 Players Only
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44 32 moves 48d:4h:10m:48s 43.18% 44 games

Cage is a high energy game of annihilation. It's based on the Checkers jump and multiple jump, but there's no crowning race. The board starts out packed with "kings". When the checkers aren't jumping or moving adjacent to enemy checkers, they're moving toward the center of the board, assuring the total annihilation of one color.

Username Rating Comments
Draw5PlayAll 2 I really like this for the same reasons many others will not.

There are several rules (specifically, the no same adjacent rule and the centering rule) that I always feel clever to take advantage of, but might lead to frustration for first-timers.

Endgames do take a while, but once you get past that, it feels like (at least to me) a puzzle to delay your doom *just one more move* so that your opponent is forced to let you jump, as opposed to vice versa.
Zotmeister 0 Probably more potential than, say, Mad Bishops, but seems to have some of the same kind of endgame torments.

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