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DareBase (Issue a New Challenge)

Designer/Publisher: Matt Worden
Rules: (Local)
Date Added: 2006 Dec 20
Boardgame Geek Entry: 18928
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SDG Rank: 30 (12 points, 11 votes)
Keywords (edit): 2 Players Only, Dice, Unique Board
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94 28 moves 52d:12h:51m:24s 42.55% 94 games

DareBase is a 2-player strategy game based upon the schoolyard team-tag game of the same name. It stirs in some capture-the-flag elements and uses interesting dice rules that give players a glimpse at near future possibilities. Several different scenarios are available to mix up how you play.

Username Rating Comments
Laurie_Menke 2 Though gameplay is a little long, the pure joy of this game makes up for it. I feel like I'm a kid on the playground again! :oD
Aaron 1 Great concept and enjoyable game play.
anirtak 1
antihero 1
Cerulean 1 A great use of dice as controlled randomness. Well-tuned balance of luck, theme, and strategy.
dralius 1
Draw5PlayAll 1 I like the capture the flag best.
JCT34 1
Keith 1 I do like the way this game is designed. Clever game mechanisms capture the feel of the game I enjoyed as a child. The second addition addresses most of the concerns I had in the first addition about defense being stronger than offense. I do miss the original interlinked die queue but most of the magic of the mechanism remains.
nycavri 1 Fun change of pace from the other SDG games. Strong theme, well executed.
papa_bear 1 Very fun. The random element is just enough to bring suspense and excitement. Not knowing the next die roll means that making a break for it past a stronger opposing piece is almost as exciting as doing it in real life and hoping to outrun the other kid...

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