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Fanorona (Jump Right In!)

Designer/Publisher: National/Traditional/Ancient Game
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Date Added: 2007 Jan 22
Boardgame Geek Entry: 4386
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SDG Rank: 13 (25 points, 24 votes)
Keywords (edit): 2 Players Only, Connections, Unique Board
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Fanorona is the national game of Madagascar, and it is believed to have been derived from the game of Alquerque. Alquerque is a game played in Arab countries, and archeological finds in Egypt suggest that it may date back more than 3,000 years. Alquerque could have been brought to Madagascar by traders and developed into Fanorona in the 17th century or even earlier.

Fanorona is a really intriguing board game. It has a long history, but it doesn't belong to a family of similar games like chess, draughts or mancala. Like Go it is a real one-off, with a unique method of capturing.

Username Rating Comments
Aaron 2 I think this is a tremendously unique game with deep tactical play.
ctaaronsan 2
dave_doma 2
dubite 2
lucacerrato 2
Mandrel 2
mathochist 2
morganfitzp 2 As if lemurs weren't enough to make me want to travel to Madagascar...
Wkr 2
bigby 1 I enjoyed this game. The move mechanic takes a little getting used to, but not too bad. The game starts off with a bang, but soon there are only a couple of pieces on the board jockeying for position.
cdiffell 1 I like that this is a very "bloody" game - captures happen immediately and each side is shredded within a few short moves. Overall it's a quick game, and the incremental move feature is great - but I wish you could "undo" your incomplete move and view exactly what the board looked like at the start of your turn.
Cerulean 1 Fascinating beginning, dull end.
Lama 1
neilb 1
papa_bear 1 WARNING: if consuming a beverage while at SDG, do not take a sip just as you're waiting for a game of Fanorona to load up! The sight of your opponent's five-step capture which you failed to anticipate can be quite a shock.
spearjr 1
Tucheg 1
wyons 1 Unique and very clearly programmed- so much easier to play here than on a 'real' board. The end game is full of suprises.
Zotmeister 1 A slaughterhouse requiring very careful attention! Needs something Mark-Steere-like to handle the barely sufferable endgame - it goes from fun to tedious in a heartbeat.
CDRodeffer 0 Fascinating, but I'm utterly pants at it.
Laurie_Menke 0
unic 0 I don't like the very tactical opening phase... once past that, Fanorona is an interesting game, with lots of potential to sacrifices to force the other into a bad position.
jonah -1
dralius -2 I started out liking this game for is quick and unique play to only find out it is broken. Games may stagnate when in the endgame players can block off a section of the board and have a piece left in reserve to move unthreatened.

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