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Mak-Yek (Jump Right In!)

Designer/Publisher: National/Traditional/Ancient Game
Date Added: 2007 Feb 23
Boardgame Geek Entry: 30262
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SDG Rank: 101 (-3 points, 9 votes)
Keywords (edit): 2 Players Only, 8x8 Board
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41 19 moves 48d:2h:8m:38s 39.02% 41 games

Mak-yek is a board game played in Siam and Malaysia (under the name Apit-sodok). It is a game of custodial capture. An 'Edges' variant is available that uses the edges of the board in captures.

Username Rating Comments
nih 2 The two different capturing mechanisms lead to interesting tactical situations, unless the opponent is determined to stalemate. The 'edges' version is more bloody but seems a little contrived. How about an 'edges' version where the board wraps around, horizontally and vertically?
Aaron 1 National games are not always perfect, but I find they are often quite original. The Edges variant makes this game even more bloody.
Nandi 1 Much better with the "edges rule".
Cerulean 0 Meh. Probably innovative a century ago. Not bad, but low priority.
Laurie_Menke 0 I don't really enjoy this game much, but I agree that the Edges variant is an improvement.
unic -1 Seems likely to stalemate.
jonah -2
nycavri -2 Another game I completly fail to grasp.
pinkpan -2 This is definitely not
my game. To much "blood"

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