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Martian Chess (Jump Right In!)

Designer/Publisher: Looney Labs
Rules: (Local)
Date Added: 2005 Oct 13
Boardgame Geek Entry: 19803
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SDG Rank: 11 (27 points, 39 votes)
Keywords (edit): 2 or More, 8x8 Board, Icehouse, Shared Pieces
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846 17 moves 43d:21h:59m:16s 48.53% 10.80 748 games

An AI opponent is available for this game!

Martian Chess is another Icehouse game created by Andy Looney. It is a chess-like strategy game in which location, rather than piece color, determines which pieces you may move. Like Chess, each type of piece has its own way of moving, and you capture by moving onto an opponent's square; but unlike Chess, you can only move pieces sitting in your own quadrant, and only attack those in other quadrants which may include your own former pieces. The game ends when someone runs out of pieces, and the winner is the player who captured the most points. A variant called 'Of Knights and Kings' changes the way Pawns and Drones move to create a very different strategic game.

Username Rating Comments
helopticor 2
OnePageWars 2
Personman 2 I like the two-player much more than the four. A really nice chess-like game that you can play well without studying for it.
Professor_Rabbit 2
rootbeer 2
spearjr 2
CDRodeffer 1 The game feels chaotic, even with two, but that feeling is merely superficial.
Cerulean 1 The less you know about Chess, the better you'll do at this one.
dlwillson 1
dralius 1
Draw5PlayAll 1 I'm one of the only people I've played this with *in person* that can easily adjust to the mechanic. Never tried 4P. Does SDG support the 3P version?
goulo 1 Looks very simple, but seems to have potential for surprising variety in gameplay. One of the classic Icehouse pyramid games.

But there is a problem with occasional draws (infinite loops) in the endgame sometimes.
jeep 1
Jesse 1 I quite enjoy this as a 3-4 player game. I'll pass on 2 players, though.
kanajlo 1
Layana 1
Mandrel 1
mathochist 1
mneme 1
mzmzmz 1
ryanker 1 Not JUST another pieces-on-a-chess-board game. Having the pieces change ownership based on where they are is a nice twist.
stoneaxe 1 I love these icehouse games! Martian Chess and Pikemen seem similar to me. They both try to score points by capturing opponets. I enjoy them both!
Takvorian 1
Uglyfoot 1
unic 1 Clever chess variant.
ZackStack 1 I like playing this 3-6 players tabletop and have enjoyed my 4 players games on SDG quite a bit.
Aaron 0 I find the 2-player version very drawish, with correct play. The 4-player version is at least decisive.
Babamots 0 I find four-player pretty painful. It's mostly a matter of who decides to trade points with whom (people seem to think it's funny to shut me out). Two player is dull until I make a mistake and have to try to wriggle out of it.
bigby 0 The piece possession based on location is an interesting mechanic. Haven't yet played with four.
BJChan 0
captncavern 0
Laurie_Menke 0 I like Martian Chess better than regular chess, but that's not saying a whole lot. ;o)
nycavri 0 Less "Chess-like" than Pikemen, Martian Chess has a unique dynamic. The 4-player game is far more satisfying than the very dry 2-player.
Trydnt 0
Zotmeister 0 It's easy to see MANY moves ahead, but perhaps not as helpful to do so as it ought to be. Way too drawish.
Joe_Hill -1
Lexicon -1
nobleheart -1
jonah -2

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