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Ordo (Jump Right In!)

Designer/Publisher: Dieter Stein
Rules: (Local)
Date Added: 2009 Jan 28
Boardgame Geek Entry: 41006
SDG Wiki Page:
SDG Rank: 16 (24 points, 20 votes)
Keywords (edit): 2 Players Only, Connections, Unique Board
Plays Avg. Length Avg. Time First Player Wins Size of Sample
677 23 moves 55d:23h:43m:57s 50.59% 676 games
Invasions Disconnections
51.04% 36.24%

Ordo is a "get to your opponent's home row" game in which you must always keep your pieces connected. Pieces can move singly, but also as a group in certain situations.

Username Rating Comments
captncavern 2
goulo 2 Starts with a slow gradual continuous feeling, oozing toward the other side, but there are occasional sudden changes. I liked it from the very first play.
hseld 2
molnar 2 this is mighty good.
nycavri 2 Seems like a lot to explore here . . .
oopslol 2
Zotmeister 2 This is proving to be one of my favorite games here. It's hard to tell if I'm getting good at it, and I like that. Definitely lends itself to various *styles* of play.
Aaron 1
Cerulean 1 Another good game from Dieter Stein. Worth playing several times.
Elektrodo 1
Joe_Hill 1
kaelistus 1
MagicJohn 1
mzmzmz 1
neilb 1 Interesting dynamic, I suspect I might this game more after playing a few more times.
ratpfink 1
spearjr 1
Zugzwang 1
Mandrel 0
aanno -1

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