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Phutball (Jump Right In!)

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Date Added: 2006 Dec 12
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Keywords (edit): 2 Players Only, Go Board, Shared Pieces
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241 16 moves 33d:21h:40m:59s 53.36% 238 games

Phutball (short for philosopher's football) is a two-player board game described in Elwyn Berlekamp, John Horton Conway, and Richard Guy's Winning Ways for your Mathematical Plays.

It is a soccer-esque game for 2 players where you attempt to get the ball across your opponent's goal line.

Username Rating Comments
Helix 2 Deserves careful examination
lucacerrato 2
megamau 2 It is one of the few games invented for mathematical analysis which is actually fun to play.
Zargasheth 2
lemar 1
pim 1 Simple rules and intricate positions. A great game
rozencrantz 1 After enough plays, the game becomes somewhat formulaic. Some interesting ideas here, though.
unic 1 Clever game. First player seems to have a large advantage.
Draw5PlayAll 0 More like tug of war than soccer...
Laurie_Menke 0 Despite the talk of first- or second-player advantages, it hasn't seemed to have borne out that way so far on SDG. I enjoyed playing it.
molnar 0 I was under the impression this was supposed to be better.
Cerulean -1 Too much second player advantage.
jonah -1
Aaron -2 It has not yet been proven to my satisfaction that there is not an insurmountable 1st-player advantage. I want to like the game though. Perhaps there's a workable handicap?
Elysium -2 This game plain doesn't work.
nycavri -2 I want to enjoy this far more than I do.

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