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Praetorian (Jump Right In!)

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Date Added: 2005 Jul 01
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SDG Rank: 60 (4 points, 17 votes)
Keywords (edit): 2 Players Only, 8x8 Board, Deduction/Induction, Hidden Information, Shared Pieces, Unequal Forces
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Praetorian is a more light-weight game of unequal forces. One player takes on the role of police trying to hunt down an assassin. The other player is the assassin and tries to eliminate his two marks before the police catch him. It's a game of deduction and double-guessing that, like Numica, has some degree of chance, introduced by the random starting positions.

This implementation also includes the variant we call 'Uncooperative' where the police can only interrogate one civilian per turn instead of two.

Username Rating Comments
Jesse 2
rootbeer 2
alexcobo 1
antihero 1 Highly entertaining and strategic. All about tricking the other player. Sometimes the random draw leads to a quick game, but so it goes.
Cerulean 1 Well-done deduction game. Surprisingly replayable. Random setup is a sword that cuts both ways.
Laurie_Menke 1 This game creates a lot of imagery for me...Valjean and Javier from Les Mis, scenes from Dick Tracy, Jack the Ripper, Jean Luc Picard playing at being Dixon Hill on the holodeck...
Lexicon 1
Personman 1 A really cool game, though the randomness can occasionally skew it too much. I should play this more...
Aaron 0
Draw5PlayAll 0 First job of the police is to NOT GET STUCK! I wish there was something where you had to be a certain distance away.
Joe_Hill 0
nycavri 0 Fun change of pace game, heavily influenced by random starting position.
papa_bear 0 This game is really fun... if the initial position is good. Sometimes it favors one or the other far too much, and this feature of the game is disappointing. I enjoy being Assassin, win or lose, much more than being Praetor.
unic 0 Fun, but suffers from random starting positions which can be very unbalanced... not sure if one side or the other is in general easier to play.
cdiffell -2 I can see some of the appeal, but bluffing/second guessing aspect is ill-suited for asynchronus play. For an abstract bluffing game, I prefer Alex Randolph's marvelous Ghosts, and I'll play face-to-face.
dralius -2
jonah -2

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