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Realm (Jump Right In!)

Designer/Publisher: Gamut of Games
Rules: (Local)
Date Added: 2008 Aug 31
Boardgame Geek Entry: 3024
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SDG Rank: 39 (10 points, 9 votes)
Keywords (edit): 2 Players Only, Unique Board
Plays Avg. Length Avg. Time First Player Wins Size of Sample
239 15 moves 48d:10h:57s 22.22% 234 games

Realm is a wonderful and unique two-person abstract strategy game. It involves capturing territory and blocking and immobilizing the other player's pieces. New pieces are generated and added to the game as the game progresses, and strategy and objectives dramatically change through the course of the game. A few rules generate a game of great complexity and depth.

Username Rating Comments
coffeebike 2 Terrific game of creative multi-movement options and a ratchet of blocking that turns the board into a maze.
Joe_Hill 2
Layana 2
anirtak 1
Draw5PlayAll 1 A lot to swallow and an unintuitive move system... but good once you overcome those.
goulo 1 Weird old modern classic. :)
MagicJohn 1
Cerulean 0 An abstract that plays like a euro. Very strong second player advantage.
nycavri 0

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