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Scribe (Issue a New Challenge)

Designer/Publisher: Mark Steere
Rules: (Local)
Date Added: 2006 Oct 28
Boardgame Geek Entry: 25865
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SDG Rank: 29 (13 points, 17 votes)
Keywords (edit): 2 Players Only, Unique Board
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161 33 moves 63d:13h:51m:13s 42.24% 161 games

An AI opponent is available for this game!

Scribe is a pen-and-paper game for 2 players created by Mark Steere. The board is comprised of 3 mini-grids which together form a larger super-grid. Players take turns claiming cells and thereby forming specific formations or "glyphs." The player that claims the most mini-grids wins. Draws are not possible.

Username Rating Comments
hsch 2
jeep 2
Personman 2 One of those concepts that just makes me really, really happy, almost on the level Frames does. And I think it's probably a good game, too!
Aaron 1
bigby 1 I think I really like this game. Reminds me of playing Dots and Boxes in elementary school, but much more elegant.
dave_doma 1
Laurie_Menke 1 One of my favorite Mark Steere games, though the simplicity of pen & paper and the increased speed of play make it better played in person.
Lexicon 1
Mandrel 1
randrews 1
ryanker 1 A pretty good SDG game. A VERY good paper and pencil game.
unic 1 Interesting. The Giant Glyph variant is very hard to read out in advance.
CDRodeffer 0 As an interesting variant, why not award the overall win based upon a metaglyph made up of the winners from each of the nine mini grids rather than a simple majority?
Cerulean 0 Is there too much 2nd player advantage?
dralius 0
kaelistus 0
jonah -2

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