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Sprawl (Jump Right In!)

Designer/Publisher: Invisible City Games
Rules: (Local)
Date Added: 2005 Oct 10
Boardgame Geek Entry: 19152
SDG Wiki Page:
SDG Rank: 82 (1 point, 12 votes)
Keywords (edit): 3 or more, Connections, Icehouse, Unique Board

Sprawl is a highly original game of strategy, resource management, planning, and diplomacy for three to eight players. This is another Icehouse/Invisible City game. Like Branches, Twigs, and Thorns, Sprawl is not designed for early withdrawl. Resigning will prematurely terminate the game. Enjoy!

Username Rating Comments
Lexicon 2
Cerulean 1 A good game to relax and build something neat. Planning ahead is important, and too much aggression can cost you. I prefer this to BTT.
mathochist 1
Personman 1 Very cool idea, good gameplay. Better in real life though.
Uglyfoot 1
Aaron 0
Laurie_Menke 0
Mandrel 0
anirtak -1
nycavri -1 I do not think this game will ever work, regardless of all the attempted variants to fix it. . . which is a shame, because there's almost something special here.
rootbeer -1
jonah -2

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