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Witch Stones (Issue a New Challenge)

Designer/Publisher: Blue Devil Games
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Date Added: 2006 Feb 28
Boardgame Geek Entry: 20517
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SDG Rank: 36 (10 points, 16 votes)
Keywords (edit): 2 Players Only, Shared Pieces, Unique Board
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241 17 moves 31d:5h:22m:31s 51.45% 241 games

An AI opponent is available for this game!

A 2-player abstract strategy game in the vein of Pente or Othello. Four types of stones are arrayed on a 9x9 board: earthstones, suns, moons, and crowns. One player plays the suns, and the other player plays the moons. Players take turns removing stones or groups of stones from the board. A player may make one of three moves: (a) removing one earthstone, (b) removing one of their own stones, or (c) removing all of the stones in an unbroken line between two empty board spaces. Players score based on the type of stone removed: 1 point for an earthstone, 2 points for an opposing player's stone, and 5 points for a crown. The first player to reach 50 points wins.

Username Rating Comments
mathochist 2
Uglyfoot 2
Aaron 1
anirtak 1
Cerulean 1 Who can be sneakier?
Dandolo 1
goulo 1 Clever simple fun game.
Mandrel 1
stoneaxe 1 I've only played one game of this, so far, but I like the game. Seems that there is a random element by how the board is initially set up. Mentally traversing the game tree to discern the potential value of certain moves is paramount.
dralius 0
jonah 0
Laurie_Menke 0
Lexicon 0
nycavri 0 I enjoyed my first couple of games, but this one grew a little stale.
Zotmeister -2 NOT PROPERLY IMPLEMENTED HERE. The original game as written would rate +1 from me, but this website does not allow the second player to choose their symbol, a very important balancing factor.

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