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Zendo (Jump Right In!)

Designer/Publisher: Kory Heath
Date Added: 2006 Apr 08
Boardgame Geek Entry: 6830
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SDG Rank: 2 (60 points, 44 votes)
Keywords (edit): 3 or more, Deduction/Induction, Free Placement, Icehouse

Zendo is an addictive game of inductive logic where one person takes the role of master and 2-5 others become students. The Master comes up with a secret rule and attempts to lead the students to enlightenment. Both text and image koans are supported.

Username Rating Comments
Babamots 2 I haven't tried this on SDG, but I love how expandable this idea is: like formalized twenty questions. I like to play this cooperatively to wind down after game night. I can't wait for the more buildable version 2.0.
Bonconickel 2
captncavern 2
CDRodeffer 2 Fabulous logic game!
Cerulean 2 I'm not interested in playing it online, but my in-person plays have been fantastic. Like calculus, Zendo will change the way you think.
dasfischlein 2
DiEvAl 2
goldfish42 2
Gort 2
hotspur 2 Love it, one of my favorite LL games.
increpare 2
jatekos101 2
JayV 2
jeep 2
lambda 2
maka 2 Love this game! and this implementation is excellent.
Mandrel 2
mathgrant 2 When played with a wise Master who knows how to pick rules of just the right difficulty (or at least who errs on the easy side), this game becomes a very enjoyable experience. Online, you can play with letters, numbers, or BGG emoticons instead of just pyramids, which is a plus, and can make things more concrete than with pyramids.
mathochist 2
MJongo 2
rootbeer 2
ryanker 2 Great logic game. But be careful -- it's up to the master to match the difficulty level of the "secret" rule to the experience levels of the students in order to make it fun for all.

There's always time for Zendo.
sarperen 2
timotab 2
trufolo 2
Wkr 2
wolfkin 2 Never tried on SDG but I'm a big fan of the game. Not terribly experienced but I likes it.
Zotmeister 2 An induction game, and arguably the purest. Still haven't played with the pyramids, although the potential there is amazing. Words/letters, numbers, and especially playing cards make excellent media (if I may say so myself in that last case).
Aaron 1
dsheldon 1 Doesn't work quite so well over SDG as it does in person.
ejohnso9 1
goulo 1 Enjoyable simultaneous puzzle-solving exercise, playable in many forms and venues. Nice analog for "The Scientific Method" or "Software Debugging", for example.
kaelistus 1
kotofos 1
Laurie_Menke 1 All variants are lots of fun, but I really enjoy the Text Zendo and the various interesting twists that have been tried with it. :o)
Lexicon 1
Personman 1 Very good times. Keep your rules simple though!
dralius 0
Draw5PlayAll 0 Good: Really great game, makes you really think about things in a new way. Akin to the scientific method.
Bad: Awful theme. It's also slightly annoying how slow it can go with 5 students, and someone wins without you even discovering patterns yet. And I just prefer this as a co-op activity.
unic 0 Fun at times, frustrating at others. A rule which turns out to be hard ruins the fun for both master and students.
morganfitzp -1 Doesn't play way on SDG (unless maybe you're a computer programmer).
mzmzmz -1
nycavri -1 Great game that I am not enjoying online. It appears that I need the tactile/visual element or else I'm clueless.
jonah -2

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